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Sociocast is a public sociology and disciplinary service project developed by Joseph Nathan Cohen, Associate Professor of Sociology at the City University of New York, Queens College.  The project seeks to produce original academic sociological audio content, and promote sociology podcasting in general.  More on this project.

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Ongoing Series

The Annex is a lighthearted banter and interview podcast that tackles issues of interest to sociology academics and doctoral students. It is hosted by Joseph Cohen (CUNY Queens College), Leslie Hinkson (Georgetown), and Gabriel Rossman (UCLA).

Sociologia con Acento is a Spanish-language social science interview program, hosted by Daniel Fridman (University of Texas, Austin).

The B-Side is a discussion show about ideas and thinkers at the cutting edge of black culture, politics, and more. The podcast is hosted by Georgetown sociologists Leslie Hinkson (co-host of The Annex podcast) and Corey Fields (author of the much acclaimed Black Elephants in the Room). 

Latest News

We Are Posting Annex Segments!

Through the work of our new producer, Lisseth Moreno, we are starting to post individual Annex segments in a new series, Annex Segments.  The purpose of this series is to make individual discussions on The Annex visible to those making web searches on the people and topics we discuss, and to make it easier to...

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Recent Episodes

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