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Ongoing Series

The Annex is a lighthearted banter and interview podcast that tackles issues of interest to sociology academics and doctoral students. It is hosted by Joseph Cohen (CUNY Queens College), Leslie Hinkson (Georgetown), and Gabriel Rossman (UCLA). 

Sociologia con Acento is a Spanish-language social science interview program, hosted by Daniel Fridman (University of Texas, Austin)

The B-Side is a discussion show about ideas and thinkers at the cutting edge of black culture, politics, and more. The podcast is hosted by Georgetown sociologists Leslie Hinkson (co-host of The Annex podcast) and Corey Fields (author of the much acclaimed Black Elephants in the Room). 

Recent Episodes


The B-Side is Back!

We are very excited to announce that The B-Side, a podcast that engages thinkers at the cutting edge of black culture, politics, and much more.  The podcast is hosted by Georgetown sociologists Leslie Hinkson (co-host of The Annex podcast) and Corey Fields (author of the much acclaimed Black Elephants in the...

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Introducing Sociology con Acento, Spanish-Language Sociology Podcast

Today, we are thrilled to announce the premiere Sociologia con Acento, a Spanish-language sociology podcast hosted by Daniel Fridman from the University of Texas, Austin. The premiere episode features a discussion with Juan Pablo Pardo Guerra from UC San Diego.  Listen to the episode by clicking here.

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Help Produce an Episode of International Perspectives on Sociology

This past January, we rolled out the pilot episode of a new series, International Perspectives on Sociology.  The series is a showcase of news, ideas, research, and viewpoints from academic sociologists in other countries.  Its goal is to give American sociologists an opportunity to hear from our foreign colleagues. This...

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