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Sociocast is a humanities and science project that creates, curates, and distributes free, scholarly academic sociology podcast programming.  

The project is directed by Joseph N. Cohen, Associate Professor of Sociology at the City University of New York, Queens College.

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Recent Content

Dutch Sociology

Our International Perspectives on Sociology series continues with a look at sociology in the Netherlands.

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The Bosnian War

We discuss the Bosnian War with Adis Maksic (expert on genocide and survivor of the war) and Aliza Luft (UCLA).

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From the Vault

Elitism in Sociology

Joe, Leslie, Gabriel and Fabio Rojas (Indiana University) discuss elitism in sociology. Fabio Rojas is the current editor of Contexts Magazine, and is the author

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Outrage Online

We discuss two cases in which online outrage spurred changes in academia: the cases of George Cicariello-Maher and the Third World Quarterly retraction.

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The Sokal Squared Hoax

Gabriel and Joe discuss the “Sokal Squared” hoax, in which ridiculous articles were submitted and often accepted in humanities journals.  The hoax generated considerable debate

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Sociocast is Joseph Nathan Cohen LLC of New Jersey.

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