Sociocast is a public sociology project led by Joseph Nathan Cohen from the City University of New York, Queens College.  

The project is designed to help the discipline seize the opportunities afforded by the podcasting medium.  

You can follow the project on Twitter @sociopodcasts, and on Facebook at The Sociocast Page.

Questions?  Comments?  Requests?  Contact joe@sociocast.org

Production Team

Lisseth Moreno


Lisseth is a junior in Queens College’s Media Studies program.

Production Team Alumni

Anika Chowdhury

Joshua Rivera

Orlando Hernandez


All programs distributed through this site is the property of program creators, who assume sole responsibility for program content.  Instructional material related to podcast program development and production is provided by Joseph Cohen in his capacity as an employee of the City University of New York.  All web hosting, distribution, and promotional services are provided by Joseph Nathan Cohen LLC of New Jersey.

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