The Sociocast Project is a public scholarship and disciplinary service project run by Joseph Nathan Cohen, Associate Professor of Sociology at the City University of New York, Queens College.  

This is a non-profit project that relies on support to keep producing.  If you like our work, please consider supporting us with a donation through the City University of New York.


Lisseth Moreno

Audio Production Coordinator

Lisseth is a senior in Queens College’s Media Studies program.

Jailene Colon


Jailene is a graduate student in Queens College’s School Counseling program.

Faziah Mohammed


Faziah is a senior in Queens College’s Business and Liberal Arts Program


Anika Chowdhury

Joshua Rivera

Orlando Hernandez

Kanwal Latif

The views expressed by hosts and interviewees are given in their professional capacity as university faculty.  These programs are produced by Joseph Cohen as form of disciplinary service, and in partial fulfillment of his employment responsibilities at the City University of New York.  This content is produced with support from the federal work-study program, which affords non-profit ventures like ours with promising young people who are looking for work experience — these are your tax dollars at work.  All of this content is released under a Creative Commons-attribution, no modifications license, although parts of this programming can be excerpted for the purpose of commentary as Fair Use.  All distribution, hosting, administration, technical service, organizational, and communications associated with this project is done by Joseph Nathan Cohen LLC of New Jersey.

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