Help Produce an Episode of International Perspectives on Sociology

This past January, we rolled out the pilot episode of a new series, International Perspectives on Sociology.  The series is a showcase of news, ideas, research, and viewpoints from academic sociologists in other countries.  Its goal is to give American sociologists an opportunity to hear from our foreign colleagues.

This is a collaborative project, in which I hope to work with other academics who will help organize, host, and produce episodes featuring their home countries.  The general format is a 30-minute, informal conversation-style panel of three or four colleagues.  It is my opinion that panels are better when they have three people with strong and different personalities who can sustain engaging discussions effortlessly.  For this particular series, I think it is beneficial to have a co-national who either works or was trained in America, and/or an American national who works or trains in the featured country.

You can hear the pilot episode of this series here, featuring my home country of Canada.  I ask about my Canadian colleagues’ views on US politics, American sociology, the American Sociological Association, the higher education industry in Canada, issues related to data distribution by Statistics Canada, and their views on Canadians who deserve more attention from Americans.  These are the kinds of topics that I feel could resonate with both US and foreign audiences, although it is up to hosts to decide discussion topics.  The only rule is that it has to render interesting, intelligent discussion.

Interested?  I am in the process of developing materials to help others develop episodes.  If you are interested in doing an episode and would like to discuss it further, contact me at

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