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Sociocast is a humanities and social science research project.  It creates, curates, and distributes free, scholarly academic sociology podcast programming.  It is also the field experiment component of a media entrepreneurship study.

The project is directed by Joseph N. Cohen, Associate Professor of Sociology at the City University of New York, Queens College.

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Recent Content


Erasing Elizabeth Warren

Why was the media ignoring Elizbeth Warren? A discussion about whether Elizabeth Warren was being treated differently, and whether gender dynamics are at work here.

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World of YouTube

In this episode of The Annex, we sit down with Michael Siciliano of Queen’s University (Canada). Michael is currently working on a book for Columbia

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Working at Wal-Mart

We discuss Wal-Mart workers’ working working conditions and organizing efforts with Adam Reich at Columbia University.

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From the Vault

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Elite Self-Pity

We discuss elite self-pity, and whether the sentiment is prevalent among sociology professors.

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Rengin Firat (UC Riverside) discusses how human neurology shapes the social phenomena that sociologists study.

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Sociocast is Joseph Nathan Cohen LLC of New Jersey.

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