Elizabeth Popp Berman on the Influence of Economics and Economists*

December 04, 2017

This week, we talk to Elizabeth Popp Berman from SUNY Albany (42:35).   Elizabeth is the author of the much-acclaimed Creating the Market University: How Academic Science Became an Economic Engine (Princeton University Press), and the forthcoming Thinking Like an Economist: How Economics Became the Language of Public Policy (Princeton).  Also, we discuss: What the heck is going on in US politics? (00:50)  Should we abolish the roundtable session? (14:40)  and the idea behind Richard Reeves’ Dream Hoarders (19:45)

Elizabeth received her PhD in Sociology from Berkeley in 2007. In 2013-14 She was the Richard B. Fisher Member of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton

Currently, Elizabeth is an associate professor of sociology at the University at Albany, SUNY, working at the intersection of economic sociology, the sociology of knowledge, and science & technology studies. Most of her work focuses on recent U.S. history (1960s to 1980s) and emphasizes the role of public policy.

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