Ervin Maliq Matthew and Abigail A. Sewell

Ervin Maliq Matthew is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Cincinnati. Maliq is a native of the South Bronx in New York City, where his interest in understanding social inequality developed naturally as a result of the race and class disparities he saw around him in the poorest community in America.  He is an alum of the City University of New York’s Herbert H. Lehman College, earned his doctorate at THE Ohio State University (properly pronounced only with such emphasis on THE), and is now an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Cincinnati.  His work examines race and class inequality in educational and occupational outcomes, as well as broader theoretical questions about how social stratification processes operate in society.

Abigail A. Sewell is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Emory University in the Department of Sociology. She focuses on the political economy of racial health disparities, the social construction of racial health care disparities, and quantitative approaches for studying racial inequality and structural racism. She received her Ph.D. and M.A. in Sociology from Indiana University and her B.A. summa cum laude in Sociology (Minor in Women’s Studies) from the University of Florida. Her research has been published in Sociology of Race & Ethnicity, Social Science & Medicine, Sociological Forum, DuBois Review: Social Science Research on Race, Journal of Urban Health, the International Journal of Intercultural Relations, the Journal of Negro EducationRace and Real Estate (edited by Valerie A. Smith, Kim Lane Scheppele, and Adrienne Brown) and Rethinking Race and Ethnicity in Research Methods (edited by John H. Stanfield). Her work has garnered both quantitative and qualitative paper awards and received support through a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, a Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship, a Ronald E. McNair Graduate Fellowship, the Chief Justice Earl Warren Institute for Race, Ethnicity, and Diversity (UC Berkeley Boalt School of Law), and a Karl F. Schuessler Graduate Scholarship. She has taught at Indiana University, the University of Mannheim (Germany), and the ICPSR Summer Program in Quantitative Methods for Social Research. She recently completed a Vice Provost’s Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania.

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