Interrogating Ethnography

March 27, 2019

Today, The Annex discusses an exchange in Contexts between Northwestern law professor Steven Lubet and UC Berkeley sociologist Michael Burawoy on the need to fact-check ethnography and the legality of studying violent crimes in progress.

Read the pieces:

  • “Accuracy in Ethnography: Narratives, Documents, and Circumstances” by Lubet.
  • “Empricism and Its Fallacies” by Burawoy.

Margaret Hagerman is an Assistant Professor at Mississippi State University. She wrote White Kids: Growing Up with Privilege in a Racially Divided America (NYU Press). Twitter: @MaggieHagerman

Jean Beaman is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Purdue University. Jean wrote Citizen Outsider: Children of North African Immigrants in France( (University of California Press). Twitter: @jean23bean

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1 comment on “Interrogating Ethnography

  1. Pablo Lapegna says:

    This recently published book (“Harassed” by R Hanson and P Richards) has a lot to contribute to the discussion on the practice of ethnography, especially in terms of what to instill in grad students and reflexivity (in ethnographic research and beyond)

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