Speaker: Gabriel Rossman

The Pressure to Go Partisan

We ask discuss recent psych findings that might suggest why there’s a pressure to go partisan when doing public scholarship.

Slow Peer Review

We discuss slow turnaround times in sociology journals.

Stanford Press Faced Cuts

Stanford University’s Provost recently threatened to cut Stanford University Press, describing the Press as a “second rate press.”

Michelle Silver on Coping with Retirement

An interview with Michelle Silver (University of Toronto), author of Retirement and Its Discontents (Columbia).

CPAC, the Bulwark, and Political Puritanism

We discuss political fissures in conservatism, and political puritanism.

The Momo Challenge

We discuss an online hoax and panic, and the diffusion of social panic and conspiracies.

UC Walks Away from Elsevier

The University of California’s hard negotiations with the publisher Elsevier.

Mesearch and Autoethnography

A discussion about the concepts of “mesearch” and “autoethnography”, and their legitimacy as a criticism of research.

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