Speaker: Joseph Cohen

Working at Wal-Mart

We discuss Wal-Mart workers’ working working conditions and organizing efforts with Adam Reich at Columbia University.

Making Money and Getting Follows in Class

We discuss the ethics of assigning books and rewarding social media follows in your classes.

The Paywall and the ASA

The Trump Administration proposed making publicly-funded open access upon publication. The ASA started sounding the alarms.

How Society Handles Mental Health Problems

We discuss how society managed mental health problems with Neil Gong from the University of Michigan.

Internet Mob Justice

What happens when the Internet tries to solve urgent crimes?

Financialization of Higher Education

We discuss the financialization of higher education with Charlie Eaton (UC Merced).

Valuing Public Scholarship

How much should the discipline value public scholarship? What to make of public scholarship on new media?

A Masculine Cure for Toxic Masculinity?

We discuss a recent article in Harper’s, which describes a commercial male retreat that is designed to address the ill effects of toxic masculinity.

First Round Recommendation Letters

Should we end the practice of asking for recommendation letters in the first round of academic hires

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