Speaker: Joseph Cohen

Literary Criticism with Phillipa Chong

We discuss literary criticism with Phillipa Chong from McMaster University.

The Bosnian War

We discuss the Bosnian War with Adis Maksic (expert on genocide and survivor of the war) and Aliza Luft (UCLA).

Disabled Americans’ Rights with David Pettinicchio

We discuss attacks on the rights of disabled Americans with David Pettinicchio (University of Toronto).

Meet The Social Breakdown Podcast

We meet the gang from The Social Breakdown, a great sociology-themed, teaching-oriented podcast.

Relational Inequality Theory

Donald Tomaskovic-Devey and Dustin Avent-Holt discuss relational inequality theory.

Elite Self-Pity

We discuss elite self-pity, and whether the sentiment is prevalent among sociology professors.

Reactions to Perceived Shortages in Marriageable Men

We discuss popular reactions to claim that there is a shortage of marriageable men for women with college degrees.

Spinning Abstracts

A recent medicine study called attention to exaggerations of findings in abstracts. Do we have the same problem in soc?

Eric Schwartz on Academic Publishing

Columbia University Press’ Eric Schwartz discusses academic publishing, and how to approach presses.

The German Sociological Divide

We discuss recent divisions in German sociology with Stephen Vaisey of Duke University and Thomas Scheffer from Goethe University.

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