Annex Editorial Guidelines 1.0

This semester, The Annex hopes to mature into a serious media outlet for the discipline. We have developed a first draft of editorial policies. These are intended to serve as guides for us and any guest hosts who might organize shows. We welcome feedback.

Casting Episodes

  • All episodes should have at least two voices.  No monologues.
  • Discussion participants should generally be sociology (or adjacent field) professors and doctoral students,  people who use their advanced sociology training in a professional capacity, people with a professional role that is of interest and import to academic or applied sociologists (e.g., publishers, higher education administrators, nonfiction writers).  Exceptions can be made, but should be based on some rationale that involves making a substantial contribution to the sociology community.

Episode Format

  • Discussions should generally take place in 15 – 30 increments centered on a particular, self-contained topic.
  • Discussions should begin with an introduction of the discussion topic so that unacquainted listeners can grasp the substance and import of the topic
  • Discussions of published work (both popular and academic) should include a brief summary of the piece’s substantive arguments
  • Episodes begin with the speakers identifying themselves, so that audiences can identify them in discussions, and the date that the discussion was recorded
  • Episodes end with (1) social media and web info, (2) producer acknowledgement, (3) discussion participants’ names, affiliations, and social media handles

Episode Content Guidelines

Our goal is to specialize in sociology, and focus on topics of disciplinary interest. Recommended discussion topics include:

  • Ongoing research being conducted by guests
  • Journal publications,
  • Discussions on sociology social media,
  • Higher education news items,
  • Public media appearances by sociologists
  • Media coverage of sociology or sociologists
  • News involving the discipline’s professional associations

We also encourage discussing general topics that allow our speakers to exercise their expertise in their narrowly-defined substantive specialties, providing original commentary that is rooted in our discipline’s perspective.

Editing and Review

  • Guests will be given the chance to review the episode before public release and request deletions of anything they said
  • In general, we will not honor requests for “vanity edits” – deletions of verbal tics that do not affect the substance of what people say.  They are very time consuming to edit and we do not have the resources to do that.
  • Participants agree beforehand that consent to publish will be given in a private email to the project director
  • Generally, we will not offer opportunities to re-record.


This is a first draft. We are still learning how to run an outlet. Please give us comments below, or email us.

2 comments on “Annex Editorial Guidelines 1.0

  1. DavidY says:

    All sounds reasonable.

    Copy editing:

    -Discussions of published work (both population and academic) = popular

    -Generally, we will not offer opportunities to re-recordCOmment = content?

    1. Joe says:

      Whoops! Thank you for catching that!

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