Speaker: Gabriel Rossman

EMTs and Society

Today, we discuss emergency medical workers’ role in society, and what you can learn about contemporary American by following them around.

Making Money and Getting Follows in Class

We discuss the ethics of assigning books and rewarding social media follows in your classes.

The Paywall and the ASA

The Trump Administration proposed making publicly-funded open access upon publication. The ASA started sounding the alarms.

How Society Handles Mental Health Problems

We discuss how society managed mental health problems with Neil Gong from the University of Michigan.

Financialization of Higher Education (Charlie Eaton)

We discuss the financialization of higher education with Charlie Eaton (UC Merced).

Literary Criticism (Phillipa Chong)

We discuss literary criticism with Phillipa Chong from McMaster University.

Elite Self-Pity (Eric Schwartz)

We discuss elite self-pity, and whether the sentiment is prevalent among sociology professors.

Reactions to Perceived Shortages in Marriageable Men

We discuss popular reactions to claim that there is a shortage of marriageable men for women with college degrees.

Spinning Abstracts

A recent medicine study called attention to exaggerations of findings in abstracts. Do we have the same problem in soc?

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