Speaker: Joseph Cohen

Twitter (Stephen Barnard)

We talk about Twitter has altered journalism, the news, and our world of information.

Racialized Organizations (Victor Ray)

We speak to Victor Ray about racialized organizations.

Teaching Online (Rafalow, Medley-Rath & Silva)

We talk about getting online teaching right with three colleagues with expertise in online pedagogy.

The Moral Obligation to Succeed in College (Daniel Chambliss)

We discuss Dan Chambliss’ op-ed in the Wall Street Journal about the ethics of letting people drop their major or college.

Hijabs and Jobs (Eman Abdelhadi)

We discuss the effect of hijabs on jobs, with guest Eman Abdelhadi.

Professional Wrestling

We discuss the sociology of pro wrestling.

Race and Racialized Voices at NPR

We discuss NPR as a racialized organization.

The Everyday Lives of Muslim American Teen Boys

We discuss the lives of Muslim American teenage boys with John O’Brien (NYU Abu Dhabi).

EMTs and Society

Today, we discuss emergency medical workers’ role in society, and what you can learn about contemporary American by following them around.

Vocational Training and Working Class Colleges

We discuss whether working class students are served well by a higher ed curriculum that eschews vocational training.

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