Speaker: Leslie Hinkson

EMTs and Society

Today, we discuss emergency medical workers’ role in society, and what you can learn about contemporary American by following them around.

Gender, Work and Relationships

What is holding back? The Annex sits down with Jaclyn Wong (University of South Carolina), an expert in gender, relationships, and careers.

Erasing Elizabeth Warren

Why was the media ignoring Elizbeth Warren? A discussion about whether Elizabeth Warren was being treated differently, and whether gender dynamics are at work here.

Financialization of Higher Education (Charlie Eaton)

We discuss the financialization of higher education with Charlie Eaton (UC Merced).

Valuing Public Scholarship (Marybeth Stalp)

How much should the discipline value public scholarship? What to make of public scholarship on new media?

A Masculine Cure for Toxic Masculinity? (Marybeth Stalp)

We discuss a recent article in Harper’s, which describes a commercial male retreat that is designed to address the ill effects of toxic masculinity.

First Round Recommendation Letters (Marybeth Stalp)

Should we end the practice of asking for recommendation letters in the first round of academic hires

What the Study of Leisure Teaches Us About Families (Marybeth Stalp)

Today, we meet Marybeth Stalp, whose recent work on the sociology quilting explores the intersection of leisure, gender, and family.

Literary Criticism (Phillipa Chong)

We discuss literary criticism with Phillipa Chong from McMaster University.

Elite Self-Pity (Eric Schwartz)

We discuss elite self-pity, and whether the sentiment is prevalent among sociology professors.

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