Speaker: Leslie Hinkson

Reactions to Perceived Shortages in Marriageable Men

We discuss popular reactions to claim that there is a shortage of marriageable men for women with college degrees.

Academic Publishing (Eric Schwartz)

Columbia University Press’ Eric Schwartz discusses academic publishing, and how to approach presses.

Global Borderlands (Victoria Reyes)

We interview Victoria Reyes (UC Riverside) about her new book, Global Borderlands: Fantasy, Violence, and Empire in Subic Bay, Philippines with Stanford University Press.

Academic Hazing

On today’s episode of The Annex, we discuss a recent blog entry on “academic hazing” on circulating in academic Twitter, and where to draw the line between abusive and legitimate work demands.

A Shortage of Marriageable Men?

We discuss the idea that a “shortage of marriageable men” seems like a strong explanation of falling marriage rates.

Punishment in the Admissions Scandal (Fred Wherry)

We discuss the fallout of the college admissions scandal and corruption in elite college admissions with Fred Wherry (Princeton).

Criticizing Lana Del Rey (Rachel Skaggs)

Internet outrage at a mixed review of Lana Del Rey’s new album. What do we learn about celebrity today?

Country Music Songwriting (Rachel Skaggs)

Rachel Skaggs (Ohio State University) describes her research on making it in country music songwriting.

Family Estrangement

Kristina Scharp discusses her work on family estrangement.

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