Speaker: Leslie Hinkson

Teen Suicide (Aburtyn & Mueller)

We discuss suicide with experts Seth Aburtyn and Anna Mueller

Cancel Culture

We discuss “cancel culture”, demands that cultural products are removed from public distribution and circulation when their creators are enmeshed in moral transgressions.

The College Cheating Scandal

We discuss the College Cheating Scandal, in which several celebrities and wealthy people were caught using bribery and cheating to get their children into prestigious schools.

Internal Politics in the Women’s March

We discuss internal political divisions in the Women’s March.

The MAGA Hat Kid

What are we to make of a conflict on the Washington Mall?

Are Academics Affected by Leaving Home?

It’s hard to get a job close to home. Does that influence academics?

The Anti-Vaccination Movement (Richard Carpiano)

The anti-vaccination movement explained.

The Sokal Squared Hoax and Researcher Misconduct

We discuss recent charges of researcher misconduct against for failing to clear his Sokal Squared hoax with his school’s institutional review board.

Can We Improve the ASA Submission Process? (Brian McCabe)

Is this the best way to pick conference papers?

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